What is Asian Betting?

Asian Betting

The world of betting has gone a long way since its early days. There’s no need to deal with fixed (and sometimes low and non-value) win or draw odds any longer, as there are a plethora of available markets out there to explore and enjoy. Asian betting (sometimes referred to as Asian handicap betting) is one of the most exciting alternative types.

During the past few years, it has gained a lot of steam and players around the world use it more and more. Thus, Asian betting websites have begun popping up like fresh delicious mushrooms. But we all know that some mushrooms can be poisonous. will guide you through the forest of Asian online betting companies, to bring you only the cream of the crop.

In this section we will explain what Asian handicaps are, we will show you examples of play, and we will give you the blueprint of the thought process to find the best Asian betting sites that meet your individual player needs. Get comfortable and prepare yourselves for an epic journey through a brave new world, though one of the most fascinating aspects of online sportsbooks.

Which are the best Asian betting websites?

Asian BettingBrokerstorm is an all-in-all online betting portal. Our mission is to help the player make the best decisions to enjoy his or her time betting. After all, betting is fun and is no different from any other form of entertainment. It should be seen as such (although the possibility of winning big is always a plus in our eyes) and we are here to make this experience even better, by bringing you the top sportsbooks and helping you avoid shiny polished scams. Remember the poisonous mushrooms reference from before?

As we have already established, and we will explain in-depth in the paragraphs to come, playing in an Asian betting handicap market can prove extremely beneficial to players. We will show you what the top Asian betting sites are and even give you a list of the ones we have personally tested to make sure they meet all criteria and are safe spaces for Asian betting, or sports wagering in general. We will not guide you to a single company, claiming it is the absolute best, the holy grail of the Asian betting exchange ecosystem. That would be immoral.

Different players – Different needs

Different players have different wagering styles, different preferences, and different needs. Plus, there are certainly more than just a few Asian betting sites worthy of our time and attention. Every single website featured on meets our extremely strict criteria and is tested by our team of seasoned experts. We have a long shortlist of features and only when every single one of our tickboxes is marked do we present the given company to our community, out of respect and as players trying to help our fellow players.

That being said, we will explain all those tick boxes. You can evaluate every single one of them and see which ones matter to you the most. This way you can make an educated choice when picking the site that is best for you. We have opened Asian betting accounts to multiple platforms and can safely bring you the pros and cons of every single one of them.

Finding the best Asian betting exchange

Asian BettingSo, “how will I find the best Asian betting exchange”, might be your question, after reading this far. There are multiple aspects to this. Number one is always player safety. We invest our money and give our info to sportsbooks and we want it to remain secure and away from scammers. We got you covered on that front, as by testing each site for weeks before approving it, we made numerous transactions to ensure everything goes as smooth as butter. Other than that, on the wagering front itself, we wanted to make sure that those sites featured on give pundits the best experience possible. When talking about Asian betting sites, in particular, the logic followed is simple.

First of all, we wanted to make sure that a particular exchange offers Asian betting. That speaks for itself, doesn’t it? To be honest, you cannot find many online sportsbooks that don’t support Asian betting during this era of wagering. Or, to be more precise, you won’t find many trustworthy sportsbooks doing so. But even if most sites give us the option to play this way, this doesn’t automatically transform them into Asian online betting companies. To win that badge, you got to go one step beyond.

Asian handicap: The ideal market

Asian BettingTo compete with the best in this feature, a sportsbook must include Asian betting in many different sports and many different competitions. Asian handicaps, as we now know them, started with basketball. This makes sense, as basketball is unique in the sense that there is no draw (meaning there is one option less for pundits of the traditional format), plus it’s the better team on paper that usually wins. This was hurting odds and sportsbooks came up with the idea of handicaps.

For betting purposes, one team started with a handicap of a certain number of points and they had to cover the spread for the player to win. This proved very popular very fast and was introduced to other sports as well. Football, tennis, American football, baseball, volleyball, rugby, and practically every sport that is settled by a scoreboard is a blank canvas for Asian betting. What makes a sportsbook worthy of our time and money, for those of us who love our handicap betting, is the number of sports, competitions Asian markets, and alternative markets offered on their website.

For instance, most sportsbooks will have plenty of Asian betting markets during the Champions League final, but what about the second division of Finland? What about an Under-19 rugby championship? If there are plenty of options there, then you know we are talking about a company that shows dedication to the trait and treats customers with respect.

Advantages of betting on Asian betting sites

Asian Betting“Why would I bet on Asian handicaps”, we hear you ask. Excellent question, it has to be said. Four key aspects make handicap wagering different and in some cases superior in comparison to what we might expect from traditional win-lose-or-draw markets.

  • Higher chance of winning
    Let’s take football as an example, as it is universally the most bet-on sport, by being by quite a margin the most popular athletic pastime on the planet. The most common type of wagering involves three options: win, lose, or draw. Having three options means the pie is split among three pieces. All odds represent a probability and simple math shows that something divided in two gives us larger pieces than something divided in three. Think of that the next time you share a pizza with your buddies. By offering handicaps, your Asian betting exchange gives you a larger chance of winning.
  • Better odds for the favourite
    So Liverpool is playing against Hull City. The odds are in the Reds’ favour. They will probably win, but there is no reason to bet there. What Asian betting does, is add value to a sporting probability where there is seemingly none. If you believe that Liverpool will have an easy afternoon, then why not start with a small handicap? Let’s say you believe Liverpool will win by two goals or more. Asian online betting companies give you the possibility to start with a -1.5 handicap. This means that even if Liverpool wins by one, your bet will be lost, but if you are right, the payment will be much higher than it would be if you were sticking with the standard winning odds.
  • Cover your bet
    Now let’s see the other side of the coin. We might have upset Hull City fans, so we will use the same example and just flip the said coin. You, as a bettor and a football aficionado, know Liverpool has a tough schedule and will rest a couple of players. You have a feeling there is an upset in the air, but you can’t give an arm and a leg on it. The Reds might still probably win, but for sure they won’t go full throttle. Top Asian betting sites will give you the option to bet on the underdog, and cover it with a (let’s say) +2.5 handicap. Win or draw and you are a winner. Lose by one or two and you are still a winner! And that is the aspect that makes Asian betting accounts so fascinating and so unique.

Bonuses and offers on the Asian online companies

As players, we love to feel appreciated. We give Asian betting bookies our time and money, we choose them to entertain ourselves and we want a certain level of respect. This respect can be shown in multiple different ways and bonuses are certainly not the most important. We at have stated multiple times that we have to be ultra-careful. Scammers tend to promise outwardly insane promos to lure in clients and run with their money. This doesn’t mean that bonuses are a bad thing. When legitimate Asian betting sites give us offers, then we will gladly take them.

The most common type of offer is the welcome bonus. This applies to new customers when they first set up their Asian betting accounts. What this usually is, is a matching bonus, upon your first deposit. This amount of money is known as “play money” and is not withdrawable until you reach a certain rollover requirement. On top of that, most sportsbooks have recurring offers. That might be a reload bonus or some free bets.

But if we focus specifically on the Asian betting handicap aspect of things, there is a specific offer that might make your wagering day. Some bookmakers choose a handful of games every day (usually high-profile matches) to offer with 0% vig. This means the odds will be as high as it gets. Most of the time, bettors cant use handicap markets, but if you get the chance to bet on a match using handicap with no juice, then it is a must-go.

We at will help you find the bookies with the best offers, promos, and bonuses. Check our hand-picked list of bookmakers. All of them are considered the best in the market. Click on them to read the complete review of each specific Asian betting exchange. There you will see our honest opinion and everything that makes each betting site worthy of featuring here.

You will see all the pros and cons, and check what kind of handicap markets are offered, plus all the possible bonuses for you to enjoy and enhance your wagering experience. You can also visit our bonuses page. All bookmakers’ offers are there and you can compare them to find the one that intrigues you the most.

How to choose the best Asian exchange?

So you have already decided that Asian betting is a wagering tactic that meets your fancy. Great news, but now you have the most important decision ahead of you. Which of the top Asian betting sites found on is the right for you? As we already said before, we can’t simply guide you to one website. After all, different people have different priorities when it comes to the way they like to bet. Here you can see the different aspects of different bookies to find out which method of the process you need to follow to make your choice. You must choose, but choose wisely, to quote Indiana Jones.

Wagering with an Asian betting handicap gives you a higher chance of winning by eliminating one of the three options. But this will come to nothing if there are no fair odds to pair the advantage with. Check our bookmaker reviews to see which ones give the higher payout odds and even do your research. Odds pages are free-to-access, even for non-members, so you can pick a few games, in different competitions and different sports, and compare sports wagering sites to each other.

Some might offer bigger Champions League odds. But if you are more interested in the Scottish Championship, then you might find another that treats the division more favourably. And maybe a football-focused site might not be as generous with tennis odds. Make sure your style of play works with the betting sites’ odds policy.

Number of markets
As we are here specifically dealing with handicap-style betting, it’s about time to see the different types of handicaps. The simplest type is the 0.0 handicap, which is practically a draw no bet kind of market. Then we have the halves (+0.5/-0.5, +1.5/-1.5 etc.), which gives one team half a goal or point of a handicap, giving one side the benefit of the draw. It gets more tricky when dealing with quarters (+0.25/-0.25, +1.25/-1.25 etc.). In that market, a draw wins you half the maximum payout for a + type bet or getting back half of your wager for – bets. If you want to bet on those types of markets, then make sure you are looking for Asian online betting companies that offer this feature.

We already said that offers and bonuses shouldn’t be the absolute goal, but they can certainly serve as an ideal tie-breaker. Imagine two Asian betting sites seemingly identical. They have similar odds, great customer support, a nice interface and present an overall spot-on product. Now imagine one of them has a far better bonus programme. Is there any reason to decline this generosity?

Quick withdrawals
Since we started this thought experiment, let’s use our imagination one last time. Imagine you had an amazingly big win. Your parlay was right on the money and your bankroll is now full. Wouldn’t you want to be able to use that money right away? In that case, quick withdrawals are key. Check our bookie reviews to see which sites offer the most immediate withdrawals.

Variety of payment methods
It’s never fun to join a betting site, with your eyes on a stunning welcome bonus, just to find out that your favourite e-wallet is not supported. Read our reviews to see which sites accept which payment methods. From bank wire transfers to credit cards and from e-wallets to prepaid cards, there are plenty of banking methods to make your sportsbook transactions. See if the one you tend to use is available. Or maybe go even further, but we will deal with that in the next bullet point.

Chance to bet with crypto
Cryptocurrencies are no longer the future. They are here and they are here to stay. From Bitcoin to Litecoin and from Etherium to Dogecoin and Monero, cryptos are more prevalent than ever. And they will continue to grow. More and more bettors tend to do their sportsbook transactions using them. If you are one of them, make sure your sportsbook supports this choice.

Immediate customer support
We have often used the word “respect” on this page. We have to end with that, as it is one of the best signs of a legitimately good sportsbook. And that is customer support. Check if customer care is available via email, live chat, or phone (depending on what your preference is). Next, make sure the response is fast, polite, and mainly helpful. We will all need to contact the company at some point for one reason or the other. They have to be there for their customers.

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