The best betting offers for existing customers (2022)

You finally joined a new bookmaker, and you grabbed the welcome offer. So far, so good. But is it ever enough? The clear answer is no since every time all the players want to get offers and receive special treatment with new promotions daily. Getting a reward through new betting offers is of vast importance. The reasons behind that are pretty simple. Firstly, granting the players the best betting offers in brokers shows them that their broker, bookmaker, or betting exchange honours their collaboration. Additionally, it helps the punters enhance their betting activity and win more with less money spent.

Within the upcoming lines, you will have the chance to understand the most important types of betting promotions, the most popular offers per sport and how offers betting can help your betting activity grow, along with your bankroll. Don’t forget to check out all those points of the terms and conditions. You have to define if an offer is legit or not. Keep reading the article. If you do it, by the end of this article you will know everything you need about betting offers. You will answer how to bet with the top offers. This may help you to get more out of your wagering experience.

Betting offers in brokers: How to get them

betting offersAs soon as you have created your new account with a betting broker like Brokerstorm, betting agent, bookmaker, or betting exchange of your choice, you have the chance to lay your hands on the betting offers for existing customers. All the best sports betting offers are addressed to the players already in the customer base of the betting company. So, does this mean that the new players do not qualify for these promos? Absolutely not. Since you created your account and you are done with the rollover requirements of the welcome offer scheme, you are considered an active member. So you may participate in every promo.

So, what exactly should you do to lay your hands on those marvellous offers in 2022? There are two different ways to get those promotions. The first of them regards the universal offers, which are open to every player. You have to log in to your account using your credentials, enter the promos section, opt into the offer you want to take part in, and start betting.

The second way has to do with your overall betting activity or even your inactivity. In both cases, you will get some specialized promotions, communicated via email, an SMS, or even through an account message. Again, you have to opt-in, deposit to your account (if needed) and then grab your free bet, reload bonus, cashback, or any other promotion which will keep your offers betting going.

Summarizing the 2 ways of getting the offers:

1) Universal Offers

  1. a) Log in to your account using your credentials
  2. b) Opt into the promotion of your choice
  3. c) Top up your account (if needed)
  4. d) Start betting

2) Specialized Offers

  1. a) Click on the link from the 1-on-1 communication
  2. b) Log in to your account
  3. c) Opt into the promotion
  4. d) Deposit to your betting account
  5. e) Start betting

Where will you get the best sports betting offers

Not all the players care the same about every sport. Although the betting companies might publish numerous betting offers for existing customers on a daily basis, depending on the sport that you are into, you might find different reasons to place your bets. Within the following lines, you may find the most popular betting offers per sport, like free bets, enhanced odds (for sportsbooks), cashback, and draw insurance among others. Keep reading to find out which schemes you may tap into in your search for betting promotions on your beloved sports and their competitions.

Football betting offers in brokers

betting offersBeing the king of sports inevitably will bring a wider variety of promotions on your offers betting. From risk-free bets to cashback, the range of offers can be huge. The most usual promotions are the aforementioned, but also, the punters may get insurance on goalless draws, or in case the player they have backed to score has been injured. In addition, they might win their bet, in case the team they back will get a 2-goal lead. Moreover, the sportsbook punters will find enhanced odds on the most popular matches or parlays with specific matches.

Hockey offers in betting

betting offersIce hockey is not only about NHL since many more competitions around the world are extremely popular. Punters around the world enjoy betting with risk-free bets and enhanced odds on the most popular bouts. Also, overtime insurance is one of the most used betting offers in 2022 and the same goes for the Live free betting offers on the most important matches. The punters will also find profit boosts and early payout offer in case their team gets a 3 goal-lead.

Wimbledon betting offers/ Other tennis tournaments

betting offersTennis is extremely popular around the world with dedicated betting fans placing their wagers. Not only on the most important tournaments, but on secondary matches as well. The players will find in-play insurance, insurance on multiples and risk-free bets among other promos.

Volleyball betting offers in brokers

betting offersVolleyball is a sport with great popularity in Latin America, so the sportsbooks and the betting exchanges alike could not leave the punters without offers, especially in the greatest competitions. Apart from the Live Free Bets and the insurance on volleyball parlays, in case the team you have backed gets a 2-0 lead on sets, then you will have win your wager.

Boxing MMA betting offers

The Martial Arts have been re-established as sports with a vast interest on a global level. Mostly because of the UFC and secondarily with the boxing uprise, the revival of punters and fans alike grew bigger than ever before. Along with the free bets offered from the betting companies or the cashback on certain occasions, like in the case of a draw between two contenders, the betting interest re-emerged.

Cycling betting offers

Cycling, just like volleyball, has a specific fanbase around the globe, waiting with great anticipation for competitions like Tour De France, Giri D’ Italia and Vuelta a Espana. The same fans are also eager to place their bets on those matches and the best way to do it is to get their free bets, enhanced odds on specific bikers or moneyback schemes.

Every day the betting companies, no matter if we talk about a traditional sportsbook or a betting exchange, try to be more appealing to the punters. Most of them publish new betting offers for existing customers daily. In other cases, they bring promotions with a specific timeframe validity tied with the biggest competitions in order to catch the players’ eyes. Of course, there are also some promotions you can see on the betting sites which don’t have an expiration date. Let’s see below which are the most popular betting offers types according to the punters,

Betting app offers from the bookmakers

Mobile betting is the biggest trend of our era. The betting providers know that and accordingly, they tend to provide free betting offers for the punters who decide to place their bets from the mobile site or the mobile application.

Payment method offers

This is not the most common type of promotion the punters may find on any betting exchange or sportsbook. At times though, the betting companies may give incentives to their members to deposit through specific payment systems. This doesn’t mean of course that this method is any better than any other method offered by the broker or the betting exchange, they just get a bigger commission in case the bettors will make their deposits through this system.

Crypto betting site offers

Crypto betting and cryptocurrencies overall are on the rise, so the bookies just want to take advantage of this momentum. So, the bookmakers tend to give more reasons to the players to make transactions through their crypto wallet with some crypto offers for brokers. The bookies encourage the players to place their bets with Bitcoin. Besides they can use Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and other popular cryptos.

Free Bet

Is out there anyone claiming that the free bets are not included among the best sports betting offers ever created? We doubt it and the reason is very simple. You can place a bet with no risk of your money, while there are no rollover requirements for the winnings. This means that in case your selection is successful you will have the chance to instantly withdraw your earnings. How great is that?

Betting Insurance

This is a betting promotion gaining more ground as time goes by. This happens for a very simple reason. Not losing your money is like “live to fight another day”. This by itself is like winning the betting battle. Under certain circumstances, even if you are not successful with your choice, you will have the chance to get your wager back.


On the moneyback or cashback scheme, the challenge is to place a bet on a certain amount and in case you won’t win, you will get a part of the wagered money, either in the form of a free bet, bonus money or cash money on your account. No matter what, losing less than you were intended to, is more than welcome.

No Deposit Bonus

Who doesn’t want to be offered free money to place their bets? Everyone loves this type of offer exactly for that reason. It’s just like getting a free bet. It gives you the advantage to split the amount on as many bets as you want. On the contrary, the disadvantage against the free bet is that there are rollover requirements to get this offer. So that means that you will have to wager the amount of the no deposit bonus sometimes. You have to do it on certain minimum odds. Besides, there is a specific timeframe. You have to be on time if you want to make a withdrawal of your winnings.

The advantages of offers betting in brokers

Placing your bets using the betting offers in brokers for existing customers is many times like… Christmas, both for professional and recreational players. Of course, for the first group of players receiving and betting with offers is not always the best way to go nevertheless, even the high rollers want to be treated with free money or just get something back out of their betting activity. Yes, just like the bonus schemes, there are offers attached with rollover requirements, but still, there are many advantages worth making you lay your hands on the best sports betting offers. Let’s talk about the most important of them.

  • More money on your bankroll to place bets

When you use the free bets offered, you get a cashback or you use the insurance on a bet you have placed, which means that some of your money will be returned to your cashier. Or even better, you will not touch this money in the first place (if we talk about a free bet). You still can get winnings from betting though or use the moneyback to place a new bet and enhance your bankroll.

  • More chances to win

More money available for betting means new chances for winnings. Simple as that. The more you bet, the more the chances will be to make money. Besides, when you use the offers correctly, those opportunities will simply increase. What else could a player ask for?

  • The chance to bet on more competitions

Not only you will have the chance to place more bets by using the top betting offers in brokers for 2022, but you will also have the opportunity to experiment and bet on more competitions. After all, you will not use your own money to support these experiments. Here is your chance to test betting on this UFC bout you were thinking about.

  • You can even bet without money through no deposit offers

Like what we told you about the free bets, the no deposit offers are perfect for giving you the chance to make money without touching your own money. The no deposit bonuses might come with some wagering requirements, but in case you are a little bit lucky and of course very careful, it won’t be impossible to get some great earnings down the road.

What should I check before accepting any offers from brokers?

Not all the offers for existing customers will have rollover requirements attached to the winnings, namely the free bets. Nonetheless, the latter will still have some terms and conditions that should be met when the player is about to place a free bet. Those include minimum odds, or a specific timeframe within the free bet should be placed. Let’s see which points you should check in the terms and conditions. You have to do it to know what you should expect from your betting offers.

  1. Rollover requirements: While this point is not relevant to the free bets, all the other best sports betting offers are attached to specific wagering requirements. In most cases, you will have to wager the amount of the cashback or the insurance sometimes. You have to do it before you ask for a withdrawal.
  2. Minimum odds: This term applies to all offers betting, no matter the scheme. On most occasions, you will have to place bets on minimum odds of 1.50 up to 1.80. No odds above the prices mentioned before should be accepted.
  3. Excluded types of bets: Just like with the minimum odds, this term will be found on both bonuses and on the top offers for 2022 as well. The Asian Handicaps and many two-way markets may stay out of the offers. This happens since they give the players more chances not to lose.
  4. Excluded payment methods: The e-wallets have always been under the microscope since they have been the means to help the scam players abuse the offers or manage to complete a scam. Unfortunately, Skrill, Neteller, Ecopayz and other e-wallets are out of discussion in many cases.
  5. Days within you should complete the rollover: When it comes to the free bets, the punters will have 7 days to use it, while the other offers come with a return in the form of bonus money given, more or less, about 30 days to complete the rollover requirements.

Is any free offers available?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any promotions available right now at, but you should always stay tuned, since thanks to your betting activity it is not impossible to grab some of the best offers of 2022 as a reward for trusting us!

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