It doesn't matter if you are familiar with horse racing betting or not, since it is possible you will not be sure about what lay betting on horse racing is. Simply put, you bet that a specific horse will NOT win the race. That means that in case any other horse will be the one to win, your bet will be settled as a win. The race favorites will be the ones with the lowest odds, expectedly, so the smaller the liability generated by the lay bets will be.

Horse racing odds betting strategy

Having in mind your chances of winning any horse race, you may be tempted to bet on every single race available. One of the best horse racing betting strategies would be to find those races coming with better lay opportunities. Those races would be the ones where the outcome seems more blurry than the others. You should always have in mind that the more unpredictable a race is, the more likely is for the lay bets to win and also give you the proper value. Also, the lower the odds on the favorites, the smaller the liability will be. Having a combination of the two above gives you the perfect betting chance regarding lay betting.

In case you have been wondering how you can place lay bets on Horse Racing, has your back covered. We offer you the chance to bet on the best horse races through Whitehorse, a betting exchange powered by Betfair. It is not common to have the chance to place lay bets on horse racing, but here you can do it, by choosing among an abundance of markets and betting choices. Along with the in-play opportunities and available markets, which are going to make you feel like you place your bets with Betfair, brings you the best possible horse racing proposition. All the above, along with the feature One-Tick bet, which lets you place your bets via your desktop or mobile device quickly, your betting experience is highly elevated.


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So a race that combines unpredictability with short odds on the favourites is the best proposition for lay betting.

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Through this deeply grounded wagering trade, you will have the one of a kind chance to lay bets on horse racing first and get the best contribution on indistinguishable markets. Other than that, Whitehorse offer a wide assortment of in-play markets and high chances like Betfair's. To conclude, we currently offer an extraordinary component which is a one-tick betting which you can use to put your bets in under a couple of moments through your mobile phone and desktop.

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