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Online betting is an exciting world. If you have been browsing, you have probably seen us talk about exchanges and all those traditional sportsbook alternatives. But those online bookmakers remain as popular as ever. Why is that? Well, because they are equally as great! Well, if they are among the top bookmakers they are great, that should go without saying. It’s not that exchanges are better than bookies, or the other way around. It is that they serve different needs. Sometimes there is more value in taking the odds of the bookie, rather than playing against a fellow bettor.

In this article, we will show you why betting on bookmakers’ websites remains a valid wagering strategy. We will guide you through some of the best bookies you can find online and walk you through the procedure of choosing one (or multiple of them, if you want more variety and options). Last but not least, we will show how you can bet on the best Asian bookmakers through

Which top bookmakers are offered at

BookmakersWe have all heard of stories about scammers taking advantage of our fellow punters. Maybe some of you have had a bad experience yourselves. But these are not the only tales we hear. We hear of those exotic Asian bookies that offer amazing odds and markets we are not used to in Europe or Latin America.

Brokerstorm’s betting broker platform can hook you with some of these unique bookmakers. All of our partners have been thoroughly tested by our team of sportsbook experts, based on a multiple criteria checklist, spanning from user experience to high odds and from a variety of payment methods to quick withdrawals.

But first and foremost, in order for a website to make our top online bookmakers list, they have to provide exceptional security and safety to users. Let us see the unique sportsbooks offered at


It is of no exaggeration to say that PS3838 is one of the best options for professional punters. It is not just the amazing odds, although this is certainly a strong asset to keep in mind. PS3838 is known for offering some of the best odds and the lowest margins a player can find online.

Not many bookmaker websites can claim to offer punters so much value. The variety of sports is also an important aspect. It features so much more than your traditional sports of football, basketball, horse racing, or motorsports. You can find events from multiple different sports, like rugby, cricket, athletics, ice hockey, baseball, American football, Gaelic sports, and Aussie rules.

Having a variety of sports is one thing, but it is the number of markets that matters the most. On that front, PS3838 has you covered as well. The handicap bets are particularly exceptional and can be the bread and butter for high rollers, as the high betting limits offered are more than welcome.

Asian bookies

BookmakersBrokerstorm gives you the chance to bet on some of the most talked-about bookmakers online. Ones that are normally out of your reach, due to regional limitations. We have all heard of those distant land of bookies in Asia, some sort of an El Dorado for punters. Through our Asian broker platform, Asianstorm, you can get all odds and markets from the best Asian bookmakers. With just one account, you will be able to play on multiple sites and get the best available odds.

All current and future events from the most popular sports are featured on Asianstorm for you to discover. It is a platform equally as welcoming for new players and experienced high rollers, as it is simple enough to play and navigate, yet offers high betting limits for those pros to play and enjoy.

The advantages of betting on online bookmakers

Most of us placed our first bet on a brick-and-mortar bookmaker. Land-based betting stores are fine. In the past, they have served both as wagering facilitators and meeting points for groups of friends. Your local bookie was something like your local barbershop. But let’s be honest. The game has changed. It’s no longer played in front of a cashier, but in front of a screen instead. That might sound like a lonely endeavour, but it’s not. You may very well be at a bar or a beach with your buddies and you can all bet on the same live event. How is that a lonely activity? Let’s see the perks of choosing to bet on online bookmakers.

Betting from your home and from everywhere

BookmakersLet’s say you are watching your favourite football match from the cosiness of your couch. You have the feeling that before the whistle is blown for halftime, a goal will be scored. Just pick up your phone and bet on it. Or you can do it while you are in the stands of the stadium. Or anywhere you want to be. You can place bets on the go while commuting to work, or during a dull scene at the movies. Actually scratch that. Don’t turn on your phone at the movies. It annoys people.

Action 24/7

Even the best land-based bookies eventually close. Bookmakers online never close! They are there for you to bet on any event. During the evening-time, there will be matches in your country or region to bet on. But during the night, or early in the morning, there are always games on the other side of the globe. Who says that value cannot be found thousands of miles away, in a different timezone?

Offers and bonuses

Your friendly local bet shop knows it will have you as a customer. There aren’t so many alternatives. But if you go online, then the possibilities are endless. Bookmaker websites must fight for your attention. And they do that by offers and bonuses. They give players incentives to join or continue playing on their platforms. There is nothing wrong with profiting from this marketing tool.

High odds

Continuing from the previous point, a local store will offer the odds they want. They can raise their margin to raise their profit. Online bookies cannot do that. They will give you the best odds possible to make you join them and deposit your funds on their website, rather than a competitor’s.

Wide variety of markets and sports to bet on

BookmakersTop bookmakers offer the top product to their members. They will give you plenty of markets to bet on, from a multitude of sports and events. Any sportsbook will feature games from the top leagues from Europe and South America. But what about lower league football?

What about women’s handball. Value is not exclusively found in popular events. In fact, there is a chance that greater value can be found in niche markets. And don’t forget about handicap betting, offered by the best Asian bookmakers.

Multiple features like live-streaming and cash out

The internet is a game-changer in so many aspects of life. Saying it is a game-changer when it comes to betting would be an understatement. Bookie websites will offer a number of features that you wouldn’t be able to use in an offline world. Why not have the chance to watch the game you are betting on? Many online bookmaker sites give you the option to live-stream the matches. And don’t forget about the almighty cash-out. Is your parlay currently winning, but you fear that the game might go south? Claim your winnings right now and forget about the final score.

Live betting

BookmakersPre-game betting is one thing, but there is a reason why professional punters tend to do the majority of their wagering in-game. Watch the game to get a better feel, see how the teams have lined up and who has the greatest passion. Who will score the next goal? Will there be a score before half-time? This is what we are talking about! Take advantage of those amazing tools found on bookies’ websites.

How to choose the proper bookmaker’s website?

Now it’s time for the biggest decision. Which bookie will you join? It is your money we are talking about, so these things shouldn’t be taken lightly. We will guide you through our top 10 points to look for when choosing a bookie website, but note that different punters have different needs, so prioritize the part that best fits your playing style.

  1. Welcome Bonuses/Offers – Terms and Conditions for Bonuses
    We already stated that some bookmakers will give players bonuses to join their websites. The most common promo seen online is the welcome bonus. It usually consists of a matching offer of your first deposit (can vary from 50-200%), plus some free bets. Welcome offers are always… well, welcome, but you should maybe be suspicious when you see a welcome package so outrageous that it can’t be true. Fake bonuses are the most successful method scammers use to lure in people. Also, read the terms and conditions for bonuses. Sticky bonuses should probably be avoided, and you should always know the rollover requirements.
  2. Payment Methods / Withdrawal times
    If you want to pay with a credit card, you should only join a bookie that accepts credit card transfers. If you want to pay with crypto, consider joining a crypto bookmaker. This should be self-explanatory. But there is more to that. Read reviews of the Bookmakers you are researching to see if withdrawals are smooth and fast. Most payment methods require a maximum of a day to be completed, so see if the bookie in consideration has longer waiting times.
  3. Quick Customer Support
    At some point or another, we will all need to contact customer support with a question or enquiry. It is important for the customer care system to be quick and helpful. Whether you want to contact them via email, live chat, or phone (although the latter tends to become eliminated, with betting platforms becoming more global than ever), you have to make sure that the response is fast and informative. The best way to test customer support is to send an email before opening an account and time the response time.
  4. Mobile Apps
    We are going back to our statement about different players having different needs when they bet. Some only visit online bookmakers from their desktops. Others want to bet on the go via mobile. Read the reviews to see if the bookie in question has a dedicated betting app for mobile and tablet.
  5. Availability of sports and markets
    We have already spoken plenty about the importance of an abundance of sports and markets when it comes to picking online Bookmakers. Make sure all the sports you are interested in and then some are featured on the website, with a plethora of markets. The best Asian bookmakers will give you control over your handicap betting and this is something you should look for. Note that events and markets are visible without having to create an account, so check before you join.
  6. Availability of ante-post bets and special bets
    If you are familiar with horse or greyhound racing, you know how important an ante-post bet is. For those unfamiliar, this is a type of bet that is placed before the racing course’s betting market has opened and has generally higher odds. If you prefer other kinds of sports, check for those special bets, by visiting the site before joining, to see if they offer the ones that click for you.
  7. High Odds
    Should we even explain that? High odds are the alpha and the omega of making a profit from betting. Top bookmakers reduce their margin to invite more players and in general, as players we should always go for the most profitable odds.
  8. Great live betting section
    Live betting is the pros’ game. Follow their example and look for the betting sites with a live section that offers plenty of matches, with the maximum number of markets. On top of that, make sure that bet placement is fast and responsive, so you don’t miss an opportunity because of lagging.
  9. Mobile betting availability
    We already mentioned mobile apps. But even if you are someone who normally bets from your desktop, it is probably a good idea to search for bookmakers online that have a good mobile presence. It shouldn’t necessarily be an app, but a mobile-friendly website that is reachable and playable from any smartphone browser.
  10. User-friendly site
    Betting is all about entertainment value. It is a beautiful hobby and we should find ourselves hassling in order to play. Choose Bookmakers that are simple to navigate, easy on the eye, and fun to explore.

Which are the best Asian bookmakers?

If you are looking for the best Asian bookmakers, where you can place your handicap bets safely and enjoyably, then there are a few things you need to pay attention to. Since you want to bet on Asian handicaps, it should go without much saying that you should go for the bookmakers that have a wide variety of those kinds of markets. You don’t have to open an account to check most bookie sites.

Browse the Bookmakers’ platforms and visit the sports and leagues you are more interested in. Check for Asian handicaps and you will see if you are looking at one of the top bookmakers when it comes to Asian betting. Also, see if they offer alternative handicaps, so you can play the way you want and not only depend on the company’s lines.

Since you are already on this trip around Asian bookie websites, look at the odds. Use an odds calculator to check the sportsbook’s margin (also called vig, or sometimes juice). The smaller the margin the better the odds for the player. That is always a sign that you have found one of the best bookmakers online.

How to choose bookies online by sport?

Choosing bookmakers depends at large on the sports you prefer to bet on. Someone who does the majority of his or her betting on horse racing might not find football bookmakers as attractive as one that features more racing events, with a plethora of markets related to the sport. We will see some examples of how to pick the right sportsbook based on your favourite sport.

New football bookmakers

Most bookies will feature markets from the top competitions, such as the Champions League, the World Cup, or the Copa Libertadores. But what about those exiting South American lower divisions?

There is great value to be found in the second tier of Argentinian football if someone pays the right amount of attention. If you are interested in this type of betting, go for the football bookmaker that offers markets and valuable odds where you tend to play the most.

Bookies for basketball

The point remains the same. You will find NBA events to bet on any site you visit. But a Flamengo supporter knows their team has an amazing basketball department. Why not be able to bet on your team’s big match? Who says who can’t find the next Manu Ginobili in Argentinian basketball before Europe of the NBA snatches him? Check the division availability before committing to an online basketball bookmaker.

Handball sportsbooks

Handball is still a niche sport, but it is gaining a lot of buzzes recently. In Spain, Germany, Denmark, and Croatia, stadiums are packed with people who love the sport and the teams. Not many online bookmakers have the dedication to serve a handball bettor. Search for those and remember that even then the attention paid by the bookie is not as big, so you can always find that Bookmakers’ mistake we all dream of.

MMA bookies

The biggest MMA promotions, with UFC being the obvious juggernaut, are loved and followed by millions of people. Yet, most bookies only offer markets for the winner of any given fight. But there are so many more things to bet on. The number of rounds, method of victory, overall match time and so much more are available on the Bookmakers. You know the drill by now. Search and research before you join.

Best bookmakers for snooker

Some of us dream of being at the Crucible Theater in Sheffield for the Snooker World Championship Final. We want to see that maximum break by one of our favourite players. If we can’t be there, why not bet on the games? The number of markets and odds offered on the bookmakersare once again important, but live streaming is equally as much, as in some countries there is no TV coverage of the major snooker tournaments.

Rugby bookmakers

It’s no longer just the old Commonwealth Countries. Rugby is now popular in Italy, France, and Argentina, and there are many people across the world who learn and love the sport. Whether it’s rugby union, rugby league, or rugby sevens, the best bookmakers’ websites are now featuring our favourite national or international rugby matches to bet on. Don’t miss the chance.

Hockey bookmakers

Are we talking about field hockey or ice hockey? The answer is… yes. Whatever your jam is, find Bookmakers that serve the hockey lover in you. For the winter people, the NHL is a great place for prop bets, but for field hockey enthusiasts, the international matches of the best teams, both men’s and women’s, should be available on your betting website of choice.

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