Betting systems

Betting systems

Sports betting systems have largely become an essential part of bettors’ life. They are based on specific theories with an approach to how you will earn more money for your stakes. Although, opinions among punters differ. That has to do with if systems for sports actually work. They wonder if indeed they can be a profitable alternative to random betting. Some punters claim they don’t. Several others believe that by using these systems they can have an effective strategy to earn more money. They believe they can do it at least for a short period.

The first and foremost concept you need to be aware of is that system types have different approaches. That has to do with your next stake after a win or loss. Some of them offer higher earning potential by rising your stake while on a winning streak. Some others focus on minimizing your losses.

We cannot define when the best football systems were first created. However, it is safe to assume that they most probably exist as long as betting became more than just a pastime. In any case, since you have been reading this article we are pretty sure that you want to learn everything. You can read all the information regarding bookmakers and betting exchange systems. We’ll dive into analyzing how these systems work. We are going to highlight what are the most popular and effective systems. Besides, we will answer the question of how can you use them. Finally, you will see how you can get the best value in specific sports.

What are the sports betting systems?

Betting systemsIn general, systems guide you on how you should place a bet for each wager and when. It is relatively difficult to increase your chances of winning by following a single wagering plan. Either if you apply it long or short term. To be more accurate, a few systems can potentially increase your probability to gain small profits short term. At the same time, they can’t be profitable and give you an advantage in the long term. Note that your winning chances are typically determined by the number of successful stakes and the high success balance. However, in any case, your wagering plan can be a part of your key to success.

As we slightly mentioned a while ago, typical betting systems and betting exchange systems are more than popular among punters.

There are many reasons behind that. First of all, their concept is usually simple. It means that it is quite easy to follow. That happens no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced bettor. Hence, it is easy to follow a wagering plan depending on the system. Moreover, since many of them such as football and horse racing betting systems are used by pro bettors as well, it means that they do work and get you earnings.

Now, there are two main categories of sports betting systems. These are the positive and the negative systems. In every case, what you must do is always adjust your next wager. It must be based on the outcome of your last one.

Negative systems are based on the concept of placing higher stakes every time you lose. This happens in order to make up for previous losses. So it tries to ensure that in the end, your balance will be positive. In this way, you even some earnings. But, even if you’ve been using one of the best football betting systems we will mention below, losing streaks can have a huge impact and drain your bankroll.

The alternative to the negative is the positive betting system. In this situation, punters have to increase the stake each time a bet is won, rather than lost. If on the other hand, you are on a losing streak, this betting system won’t allow you to recoup your losses quickly.

Which are the best betting exchange systems?

Well, since you have already understood the basic concept behind the betting systems and their types, it is about time that we will analyze the most popular and effective ones. Furthermore, you will get to know what are their basic characteristics and differences and how you can gain profit from each one of them by reading about every betting system in

No matter, if you will be keen on positive or negative sports betting systems, it is essential to know that bankroll liquidity and management play the most important role if you want to be successful and increase your winning chances at the end of the day.

  • Martingale

Perhaps one of the most known and widely used betting systems for sports is the Martingale system which is based on the concept of progressive wagering. The reason it is so popular is that it can also be used by beginner punters due to its simplicity and the fact that you can quickly cover your losses and even gain profit. The typical Martingale system requires punters to bet on 2-way markets that have two possible outcomes such as win/lose or over/under.

Every time a single bet is lost, you have to double the amount of your next wager and cover your losses or even have some earnings. On the other hand, if every individual bet is won, you keep on betting by placing the initial stake amount.

Even if the Martingale system looks like a sure win, it comes with a basic requirement on your behalf. The most important factor is to consider your bankroll and how you’ll manage it. Sure, you might think that nobody can lose forever but it is not that rare to have a big losing streak and drain your balance.

  • Labouchere

Labouchere is considered among the best football betting systems. It is a negative progression wagering plan that is based on a mathematical sequence like other ones such as the Fibonacci system. The Labouchere divides each bet into multiple smaller wager amounts. If the punter loses, they continue adding the stake to the end. On the other hand, if the punter wins, they reject the first and the last units.

This is yet another system that demands a big bankroll in a broker like Brokerstorm. So you might have to think it through before opting for it. Since it might not be clear how you can use this system, we will give you a basic example.

Consider that you have a stake of €100 and you brake it down to €10, €20, €50, and €20. So once your initial bet is placed and won, your winnings will have to be the first unit plus the last unit (double the €10 = €20, which is first on your list). If your first bet is successful, you will cross off the €10 and move on to €20. Nonetheless, if the bet is lost, then you need to add €20 (the lost amount) to the last €10, which means that the wager will now be €30.

Kelly Criterion

Betting systemsKelly Criterion is one of the most popular betting systems in which your optimal stake in sports betting can be calculated on fixed-odds events. As it happens most of the time in betting, this wagering pattern that is based on your stake size works better with single bets. For example, unlike the Martingale theory, the ultimate goal in Kelly Criterion is to maximise the potential bankroll growth over several wagers. Meaning that you will have at the same time several bets open.

To put it simply. when you follow this system, you have to find a market and bet on Team A to beat Team B with odds of 3.00. If there is a 40% probability to win, then the losing probability will be 60%, meaning that the result of the equation will be 0.1. Based on this, you should be wagering the 10% of your bankroll (e.g. place a €10 if your total balance is €100).

D’ Alembert

Betting systemsD’ Alembert is a negative betting system like Martingale and Labouchere we previously mentioned. Players used D’ Alembert for placing wagers in casino games such as blackjack and roulette. The basic principle behind the D’ Alembert betting system is that the bettor must increase the stake by an equal unit after each loss.

On the other hand, you decrease the stake after each win by placing the same amount in proportion. For example, let’s assume that you place a €10 bet and it is settled as lost. Then, you must place a second €20 bet as a sequence. Suppose that your second bet is a winner, then you need to adjust the next wager by decreasing the amount by one betting unit which in this case it should be €10 again.

The D’ Alembert is better for 2-way markets such as win/lose, over/under, Asian Handicaps or both teams to score.


The Fibonacci betting system allows you to chase losses without exaggerating in case you have reasonably good mathematical knowledge.

This wagering system is based on a mathematical sequence in which every number equals the sum of the two previous numbers. The first twelve numbers are easy to know and remember as they are the following: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144. If you are thinking of adopting this method, you have to move on to the next number on the sequence each time your bet loses.

On the other hand, if your bet wins, you need to go back by two numbers on the scale. The main difference between the Fibonacci and the Martingale is that here the recovery from your losses is somewhat slower. Besides that, the Fibonacci seems a bit complicated to follow its sequence as a wager indicator when you want to overcome the bookmaker’s edge. So, this type of negative betting system can’t affect your betting.

The top lay betting systems

The top lay betting systems might apply to several different sports, however, they are primarily considered football, tennis or horse racing betting systems. Talking about them it’s important to pick a sport in which every system applies. If you opt for football a simple but effective betting system is to back and lay at the same time.

This strategy is based on the concept of laying an outcome and then hedging it by betting on the same market later when its odds will have increased. On the other hand, if you are keen on horse racing betting, a common system is Maria’s lay staking plan occurred by Maria Santonix a famous horse racing lay bettor.

Her plan was pretty simple as the percentage of each bet you place is proportional to a specific group of odds. For example, when the odds are 3.50 or less, you have to lay 1.0% of your bankroll.

What will you earn from betting with the betting systems for sports?

Betting systemsThere are several advantages that you will gain by using betting systems to wager. Regardless of how you try to gain profit, a wagering plan should always be part of your strategy. Sure, each player comes with different needs and bankroll. Many prefer to gamble with small risk by betting small wagers and others seek bigger returns by placing larger bets.

No matter what, sports betting systems offer a versatile approach to wager sizing. You can simply double your bets after a loss and at the same time keep an initial betting amount in case you win by following each one of the best football betting systems. Apart from that, you have another option to steadily and progressively increase your wagers after a loss and decrease after a win in case you use the D’ Alembert.

The whole concept of regular betting systems and betting exchange systems is based on the fact that as a bettor you become more experienced and better at controlling your bankroll. Your bankroll management is not as easy as you think it is. In sports betting, your ability to gain and increase profit can only be possible provided that you use your current money.

If you don’t have control and become too aggressive, you will most probably top up your account several times and won’t be able to generate an additional income. According to this, it is safe to use about 2% – 5% of your bankroll to wager and no matter if you’ve been using football, tennis or horse racing betting systems, they will equally help you to always know how much is your margin for loss before stopping.

Furthermore, the best football betting systems or other sports for what matters can help you control yourself. Keeping a specific model when betting, means that you won’t have a severe outburst or bet emotionally in case you have a long losing streak. You can always estimate how long you can afford to bet or how you can potentially adapt your betting strategy and implement another betting system if needed.

Last but not least, regardless of the betting system you use whether you are keen on typical negative betting systems or lay betting systems, one thing is certain. You can easily become a better player and be able to bet more professionally. It’s impossible to win all the time. However, following certain betting systems is a great place to start managing your bankroll by avoiding random betting.

Which are the best football systems?

After talking and analyzing betting systems in general, it’s about time to discuss football betting systems including lay betting systems. According to our expert opinion, the best football betting systems based on the profit you can make are arbitrage betting, value betting and matched betting. We are pretty sure you might already be familiar with these terms, albeit we will explain why we choose them in the section below.

Sports betting systems are based on a specific strategy and probabilities. But football systems are also based on the operators’ errors and better odds such as arbitrage. The arbitrage betting system is the easiest and most certain betting method to gain a guaranteed sure profit on football. This strategy is one of the betting systems for sports like football that is based on finding odds and discrepancies among bookmakers. These odds are not representing the real-time chance of the outcome. You can cover the other outcome of the 2-way market on the correct, sharp odds.

Besides arbitrage, you can benefit from value betting which is generally based on the same basic concept. It also has the same strategy as arbitrage betting. Your primary goal as an experienced punter is to find games where bookies are offer wrong odds. What we mean by this is that there are operators that offer higher odds than the real probability of winning.

The main reason behind this is that there are generally new soft bookies that want to be attractive among bettors. They try to get them to play there. Every time you find a similar betting possibility, you must place your bets there. This football betting strategy doesn’t apply to betting exchange systems as it is based on maths and probability.

The odds offered by these types of bookies are very close to the odds offered by sharp bookies. If for example, a team has a 66% chance of winning a game, the majority of bookmakers will be offering odds at about 1.40-1.45 with a typical margin. Nonetheless, there always be a bookmaker that will be offering the same market at an odd of 1.65-1.70. Your goal here as a value bettor will be to take advantage of and value this opportunity.

Our last football betting system is matched betting, which is frankly more than simple. It is based on odds comparison and the differences between bookies. Your strategy will be to find operators with good bonus offers such as a €20 loyalty-free bet. Then as long as you keep earning bonus-free bets, you can place arbitrage bets with them. So, regardless of the outcome, you will have won a profit. Besides, you will normally be able to withdraw this amount.

The top horse racing systems

Horse racing is considered a sport with huge profit potential, especially in lay betting. Of course, to gain a profit it is essential to follow the right betting systems. The good thing is that these systems are relatively easy to master regardless of your betting level. Nevertheless, there are still many punters that are unaware of the dynamic behind these lay betting systems. Οr even the regular ones in terms of horse racing betting. Hence, we will refer to the most profitable ones and give you the first glimpse.

The first of our top horse racing betting systems is the Beaten favourite system. In this system, you need to place a bet to back a horse that lost the race. Note that the horse should have a previous winning streak before its last loss.

So, you will bet on behalf of this horse to win the next race. What you have to do is do a little digging on rankings and match the history of the horse. At the end of the day, this is one of the most profitable sports betting systems. Many operators don’t pay attention to a losing horse. And as a result, they offer it at higher odds. Especially, in the long run, this betting strategy can be very profitable.

Another great horse racing betting system is the lay betting against a runner. It is one of the best betting exchange systems. You just have to place a lay bet against a running horse. Spot three of the favourites to win the race and analyze their winning odds. After that, pick runners that come with odds between 3.00 – 6.00. Next, lay against the worst underdog in this particular race. Many bettors claim that the winning percentage sometimes exceeds about 80% of the time.

Our last selection between betting systems for sports but mainly horse racing is the Dutching strategy. It is based on a mathematical approach and punters must place bets on multiple selections of the same event. When using this strategy, you have to stake your preferred amount on favourable betting odds for all of your selections.

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